How Do I Buy a Bike Under the Bike to Work Scheme?


You can choose your bike by visiting the Kruz eBike section and selecting the bike and equipment that you want to buy. Next, inform your employer of this choice. The employer will then pay the bike shop or supplier for the bike and equipment directly.

STEP 1: Select the E-Bike, Smart Helmet and Lock from the menu below. Maximum order value of €1,500. (Don’t worry if your order is over this amount, you can simply pay the excess)

STEP 2: We will generate and send you a quote based on your selection.

STEP 3: Bring this quote to your employer to make payment.

STEP 4: Once payment has been received by Kruz, your order will be sent out to you.

It’s important to note that your employer cannot reimburse you if you make the payment!

You must sign a written agreement stating that the bike is for your own use and you will use it for what the Revenue Commissioners consider qualifying journeys: getting to and from work.

Your employer then sets up salary deductions over an agreed time frame of up to 12 months to recoup the costs. These deductions can be made weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on your salary arrangements.

The maximum value of an ebike under the scheme is €1,500
The employee pays back through a salary sacrifice arrangement of up to 12 months.
The scheme covers:

  • Helmets
  • Lights and bulbs
  • Reflectors and clothing
  • Locks and chains

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Bike To Work F.A.Qs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How does the Bike To Work Scheme work?

Repayments come out of your salary before tax, USC and PRSI are deducted.
Your employer then sets up salary deductions over an agreed time frame of up to 12 months to recoup the costs.

What is the maximum value under the scheme?

The maximum value of an electric bike under the scheme is €1,500. If the bike is valued over this amount you can pay the balance directly. Example: Electric Bike is valued at €1,650. The customer will pay €150 and the remaining €1,500 is processed under the bike to work scheme.

What is the maximum amount that I can save under the scheme?

The maximum amount you can save is an impressive 52%!

What is the length of the payment period for the Bike To Work Scheme?

The payment period is over 12 months.

Can self-employed people or farmers avail of the Bike To Work Scheme?

You are not entitled to avail of the Bike to Work Scheme unless you pay PRSI as an employee in addition to your self-employed work.

Do I pay off the bike myself or does my employer?

Your employer pays off the bike once you have provided them with the quote from Kruz Electric. The amount is then automatically taken from your weekly or monthly payment before tax.

What accessories and equipment is included under the Bike To Work Scheme?

Bells, clips, dress guards, helmets, horns, lights, locks, mirrors, mud guards, panniers and straps, are all included, as are pumps, puncture repair kits, cycle tools, reflectors and reflective clothing.

Can I get an electric scooter under the Bike To Work Scheme?

No, the scheme is only available with electric bikes.

How often do I have to use the bike for work in order to qualify?

There is no requirement for you to cycle to work for a certain number of days and no requirement for you to record your work trips. The scheme does require that the bike is mainly used by you to travel to work. You can also use the bike for leisure at weekends and on holiday.

Can I use the electric bike on weekends or bring it on holidays?

Yes of course, you can use the electric bike wherever you like!

Can my partner or family members use the bike?

Yes anyone in your household can use your electric bike.

Example Of Savings

Bike Value

Salary Before Tax: €18 – €32,000
SAVE: €372

Salary Before Tax: €33,000 +
SAVE: €624

Bike Value

Salary Before Tax: €18,000
SAVE: €378

Salary Before Tax: €19 – €32,000
SAVE: €434

Salary Before Tax: €33,000 +
SAVE: €728

This example is based on a single person who has no additional tax credits.

The scheme covers the following items, which must be purchased as new (not second-hand):

  • New electric bikes (electrically-assisted bikes that require some effort to propel)
  • Cycle helmets
  • Bells and horns
  • Lights (including dynamo packs)
  • Mirrors
  • Mudguards and skirt guards
  • Cycle clips
  • Panniers, luggage carriers and straps
  • Locks and chains
  • Pumps
  • Puncture repair kits and cycle tool kits
  • Reflective clothing
  • Bike reflectors

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