Below is some information on what to expect when you process an application for a Kruz product through Humm:


Go to the Humm website:

Click on the APPLY NOW button in the top right-hand corner.

The first step is to put in your MOBILE NUMBER and click START APPLICATION.


You would then need to put in the VALUE OF THE PURCHASE you want to be financed for. (Make sure the amount you are applying for is equal to or more than the item costs that you want to purchase – make sure to include any delivery costs etc. )

You would need to choose HENNESSY TIMBER GROUP as the retailer. (The Kruz Official parent company.)

You would then need to put in your employment status / marital status and dependent information, then click NEXT.

You will then be asked for information on other expenses such as: RENT / MORTGAGE / HOUSEHOLD EXPENSES AND OTHER FINANCIAL EXPENSES – Such as loans / credit cards. Once you have completed this information you would click NEXT.

On this page you will be asked for all your personal details such as NAME / CONTACT NUMBER AND EMAIL ADDRESS / DATE OF BIRTH / PPS NUMBER / CITIZENSHIP STATUS and HOME ADDRESS.

You then need to tick the boxes at the bottom of the page to agree to the HUMM terms and conditions and to allow Humm to collect personal information about you.

Once these boxes are ticked you would click the orange button that says SEND CONSENT CODE.

You will then receive a consent code by email and text, stay on this page on the Humm application and enter the consent code you have received by text / email – once you have input this consent code you have given Humm the consent to do a credit check on you.

Now you need to keep an eye on your email as Humm may come back to you via email and request you send through a copy of your payslips, proof of residence or any other documentation that they may require.

Once you have emailed them back with this documentation they will then let you know via text / email whether your loan has been APPROVED or DECLINED.


Once you are approved you will get an approval code sent to you via text / email.

We will see that you are approved on our system and will be in contact with you regarding the delivery of your product.

If you have any questions or concerns in the meantime, please feel free to contact us.